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“I feel strongly that every child – not just the musically gifted – should receive some musical instruction. With rare exceptions, children have an instinct for music, are to a certain extent musical, and should be musically developed. For the child’s own future enjoyment and his own satisfaction, he should learn to play an instrument. These days, when we are trying to make things easier for our children, we may be too timid about the process of their learning an instrument. Children should be forced to learn an instrument, gently but firmly.”

- Jascha Heifetz

Teaching Philosophy

Our main goal in the lesson is to help you build a solid technical and musical foundation in an enthusiastic and non-judgmental atmosphere. We gear our lessons to the individual and endeavor to foster a deep love of music and sense of accomplishment.

The emotional benefits of both playing and listening to music are well documented. A good teacher can help make your musical journey fun as well as give you technical advice that only comes from much experience in the field. We have extensive knowledge of many approaches from which to draw, and we do not believe in the "one size fits all" method of teaching.

In addition to playing great music, learning an instrument also comes with social benefits. Once at a certain level of proficiency, it is possible to join a community orchestra and to read chamber music with like-minded people.

We have taught students of all ages, and it is never too late to take up a string instrument if you have a passion for it. We enjoy teaching students along the full spectrum, from complete beginners to advanced professionals, and the unique challenges at various stages of progress keep us in shape as teachers. We look forward to meeting you and coming up with a plan that is best suited for your personal situation.

- Scott and Tanya
Tuition rates for Amherst and South Hadley (please inquire about Skype rates and individual lesson rates):

​Private violin lesson/viola lesson rates $150 - $280 per month 
Rates vary depending on length of lessons (30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 1 hour) and location.


Amherst, MA
South Hadley, MA
Online lessons via Skype

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“Providing violin and viola lessons to Western Massachusetts, including South Hadley, Holyoke, Amherst, Northampton, Easthampton, Longmeadow, Hadley, and Springfield."

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